Friday, August 29, 2008

Stardoll Design!

So anyways I have not wroten a blog for awhile so I shall do one now, the stardoll one that I was talking about before. Just felt like a little update before I leave and when I do I will be posting a lot of stuff on all of the great things or bad things that happen to me on my adventures on my own, even if I am unable to have internet I shall write down what does happen and when I get ahold of that sweet technogly I shall trasphure it all into good ol' My My Here Comes Sarah Dee blogspot.

Now on to the good stuff.
So on stardoll they have this thing where you can make your own designs and put them on to shirts, dresses, pants etc. This however when it first came out was open to everyone and then after a while it only went to the paying members (which I am not) so then *Just a second I just remembered that I was actuly writing a real blog a few days ago like a real blog about real feelings and issues that have something to do with life, anyways I will get on to my random none important stuff that I am writing about right now and maybe go further with my other blog since I have don't finnished it yet.* So anywho when it was first open to everyone I made a shirt and a dress and purchaced it and only made it a patteren but then after it was only for the paying members the whole shirt thing exploded and someone found out that you can arange all the givin shapes to make it resemble charators and symbols and anything that you wanted it to be looking like and then also make it big so that one would take up the whole shirt. So ever since I saw that I was like man I need to become a member, but wait a whole lot of time after words like months they brought it back to the public and then I got all exsited and made designs and bought them on things for my doll for about a week and then it fell short and the exsitement wore off and now I don't do it any more but besides that I have made these to show you. :D

These are the shapes that they give you to use.

These are what I made out of the shapes

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just An Update For All Of My Devoted Readers

Dear Devoted Readers,
I know that there are many of you out there and by many of you I mean Jessica, and Amy. I have been trying to promote my blogs so more people will fall in love with me and my lovely stories but so far no luck.
So I was pretty bord at the moment I actuly should be sleeping but I dissided to watch Match Maker instead <3 to that show. Oh if only someone would match make me to a lover.
I really don't have anything to say but I am just going to say what my next blogs will be, so I want to do a video blog and post it on here if I am able to I hope I can and that will either go increadible or discustingly bad, we shall see. I also want to do one show caseing my clothing designs on Stardoll. I should do these soon since I will be moving and I am unsure about the internet situation. Oh and of course these next blogs will be full of RANDOM!

That is all,
Sarah Dee

Saturday, August 9, 2008


As you probley can see my blog is about the greatest movie ever made entitled HOT FUZZ! Before I get started though I will like to do a bit of an update so here it goes:

  • To add to my list of facial hair I have to add in the Fu man Chu, for all of the people who are not educated in beards and mustaches like I am a fu man chu are the really long stashes that are popular in Asia. I wonder if you can get a degree in facial hair. "I have a PHD in medical studies on the human and animal brains" "Well I have a PHD in facial hair" that sounds like the beginning of one great conversation.

  • Yesterday I went bowling again with Ross and Grant and it was fun not as fun as before though and I did not see Scott I did not think that I would because it is near possible that I would see him again but he might have some crazy craving for ice cream and be there again but he was not :(

  • On Thursday I went to see the Fringe Fest and saw a sketch comedy show by Good Game called "KH" and it included Craig Scorgie, David Horn, Nick Chnoiski (sp wrong), Amber something, and Erik Donburg and I went to see it with Grant, Ross, and Ross' Mum (yes there is a bit of a pattern there) anyways it was the best thing ever and it was sooooo funny.

  • Then on Wed I hung out with a friend and I bought a CD by the band MGMT and the CD is wonderful go out and buy it I LOVE IT!!! If you get it at Sunrise it is only $11.11 and you get a free slice of pizza with it. We also watched 2 movies we rented one which were Awake and Shoot 'em up. Awake was pretty good after the first 30 min, and Shoot 'em up (my pick) was good I quite liked it 1 hour and 20 min of mindless violence can't be wrong, and all of the stuff was ridiculous that happened in it, I happen to like Hot Fuzz better though.

  • One last thing that I would like to vent about is this new movie coming out that is called The Rocker now what is up with this cast, there is something that is a little fishy about it. Anyways I was going to put comparison pictures up but I could not find any so this is how it goes. Rainn Wilson is way too much like Jack Black in it he even does the pertained leg kick, that other fat guy in the band is way too much like Jonah Hill they look like each other although I think that Jonah is cuter and they even are talking the same way like he did in Superbad, and the girl in the band is way too much like Jules from Superbad ( I know it is the same person I am just jk) so why cannot they get a good cast instead of this stupid one and not take look a likes of actors when they should get get the real thing. Secondly that girl who is like "I still would be the prettier child" or what ever she says is the ugliest thing I have ever seen and she scares me bad, If I had a child that turned out looking like that I would drive to the desert and leave her there where she will have to survive all by her self like Bear Grylls.

    Ok So I am done with that now on to the big guns.

PART i : Discovering Hot Fuzz

So it has been about a year now since I first watched this movie, it was a summer's day and I was going to go over to Kale's house for a get together to watch movies and play guitar hero and what not. So I was so stoked to go watch Hot Fuzz because I wanted to see it in theaters but then forgot about it and then the DVD came out and then I was all like I want to see that and then he was like do you want to come over and watch Hot Fuzz so I was like HELLS YES! Anyways long story short I slept in and was 2 hours late for the party. When I got there I was only able to see the last half hour of the movie but that was enough for me to fall in love with the movie. Unfortunately I had to watch the whole movie of Bride of Chucky (come on why couldn't I be late for that movie and not Hot Fuzz?) anyway I managed to survive threw Chucky with the help of Hot Fuzz being in my system. So after I left home I went on the computer and looked up to see if I could find Hot Fuzz which I did and I watched the whole thing and I fell in love with it and after that I watched it every day for probley about 2 weeks. After that it had sunk into my system and I could not stop talking about it everything was Hot Fuzz that came out of my mouth that I thought that I wrote and that I sung. Some people have fire in there eyes but when I got Hot Fuzz in my eyes there was no way back. So yea I needed a copy of this desperately and so much desperately had to make a stop in rogers video in Ottawa to see if they had it which they did not. So eventually I got it and then i found out like two weeks later after I got it the special edition with 2 extra disks of bonus features came out and I still have not bought it but I most likely will.

Part ii: Falling In Love With Simon Pegg

I do not know how long it took me to process but after a while of watching this movie I had grown to fall in a deep loving state in which I have grown a huge liking to the star of the movie Simon Pegg who plays Sgt. Nicholas Angel (or Angle if you happened to pick up that issue of the Sandford Citizen). So I love this man very much now and I hope to meet him sometime in my life time, actually if there was a chance that was given to me where it was I could spend a day with Simon Pegg but I would have to die the next day I would take the offer. Which makes my love for him grow is that his birthday is Feb.14, 1970 and my birthday is Feb.13 1990, we are one day and 20 years apart how crazy is that! Although he is 20 years older then me it is ok it is not much of an age difference the one fact that is getting in the way is that he is married : ( But I can be like Eve Draper and he can be like Martin Blower. I even took a break from Hot Fuzz because not being with him made me very sad.

Part iii: Taking About Hot Fuzz In Yearbook Class

So there were people around in yearbook class and then we got this assignment called Radio South where we would make pod casts and it was the best thing ever and Emma, Abeer, and my pod casts were amazing which we did on movies so of course we had to talk about Hot Fuzz in our pod cast and pretty soon I started to talk about Hot Fuzz to everyone and by everyone I just mean Craig Scorgie so we would talk about Hot Fuzz and our favourite parts and our favourite lines and everything and then I came up with this wonderful idea about a facebook group untitled if 1000 people join this group Sarah Davies will get a Hot Fuzz tattoo so that has yet to happen I have not made the group but I am defiantly thinking about it so then we were coming up with Hot Fuzz tattoo ideas. The idea that I came up for as a tattoo idea was this But Craig S. assured me that that was a tarible idea for a tattoo and suggested that I got one image from Danny Butterman's flip book (note pad) which was this

which i guess is better but I would probley have it so people would summit there own image ideas and then I would pic the best one.

Then another story was that on the broad in the class room there was a picture of Mr.Macky from South Park and then it said By: __Fuzz so Craig was like Did you draw that Sarah? and I was like No and he was like I just thought since it was Fuzz and all.

Part iv: Merchandise

Well in the fall or something like that I purchased a Hot Fuzz little promotional book thing that I love and it has pictures in it and a list of action/cop movies to check out and it is very good. ♥

Then at Chapters there was a make your own opoly game so I bought it and made a HotFuzzopoly.

Also as a art assignment in art class we had to design a movie poster so I was like Hell Yes I am doing Hot Fuzz which I did but I don't have a picture of it on the computer so that will have to wait

Part v: Still Talking About Hot Fuzz Every 2 Seconds

So now I relate everything to Hot Fuzz here are somethings I do or have done, now when ever the police come by I say My My Here Come The Fuzz, I correct people when they are saying bad police vocab, I quote parts all of the time.
Other Facts are: WE were looking at books and then my dad found some Police one and then I was all like it is too much like Hot Fuzz (which it was) and then he was like well I just thought I would try since you have a thing for cops.
Nick Frost's (the other cop in Hot Fuzz) birthday is the day after my brothers, His is March 28th and Grant's is March 27th (which is crazy due to what I mentioned above)

Friday, August 1, 2008

R.I.P Beetle Juice

So I am on my lap top which is sitting on my lap and on a blanket even tho it is a million degrees out and also my power cord is not 100% well therefore I have to hold the cord a way for there to be power powering my computer and it is very unfortunate due to the fact I have to type with one hand and it is killing me but yet I am still wasting my time explaining this. So I have something to add to my last blog which was about my love of a man "Scott" and beards but I forgot one special person who has one sexy beard and this person who has given a home to such wonder is Sef from the band Your Favorite Enemies (the best band and people ever...I love you guys) Honestly who makes blogs about scooters (sorry i just read the example that you can label your posts.. but I guess if I was talking about Scott Scooter is a nickname for personal called Scott so it works I guess) So speaking of this Sef beard this is one bushy beard (Hot Fuzz reference) that suites and makes the man so I guess it just matters all on the person and the eye of the beholder. So just thought that I would add Sef to the beard list and a thumbs up to your wonder of a beard! Also Jeff from YFE has a beard but it is more of like a soul/sole patch (thanks Tila T-boos for that callage of that kind of beard) so I am not going to include that since it is not a full beard and if I talk about the soul/sole patch I will have to talk about the Go•T and then sideburns and muttonchops and then I will have to get into the the whole mustache names and things and I do like a nice mustache like Jesse F K (from dfa 1979) which is wonderful but then I will have to get into the whole stash categories like the Ned Flanders stash and the Italian skinny Mafia cool stash and the Hulk Hogan stash and the big ram horn type stash (which I was told is actually called Handle bar although many people thing that the Hulk Hogan is called handle bars) and the teen stash and the Charlie Chaplin stash which was made famous by another man who drove around in a Benz and played the harmonica. So I shall not get into all of the different beards and stashes.

OK so now we are on to my next topic for this lovely blog. At the moment I am sitting at home and watching Video on Trial and waiting for MIB2 to come on since MIB are my favourite movies and on Monday Peachtree TV. MIB was on and now today number 2 is on which is excellent but I don;t know what one I like more so I will get back to you on that but the movie comes on at 9 when I though t it came on at 8. OK so now onto the important part. This just in I like MIB one better than the second one it is just more put together the second one is good I like how the story line is and what not but I think that they were trying to make it more 'comedy' and it is just stupid bits that are not good. Oh and in case you were unaware MIB = Men In Black.

As you might see my title is called R.I.P Beetle Juice which was my good ol' friend and pet bug beetle that I found a mere 4 days ago that perished last night. This made me very sad because I had a large liking to him. So the other day when I found him he was on my shoulder just resting and I was like aw look at that cute little little beetle thing that is black and white striped (which is why I called him Beetle Juice) and he was a very lazy bug I thought that he was dead at first but he was not and he just sat on my shoulder for like 20 min resting but then he started to move around and go on my hands and what not so he did that for a whole but then I did not want to lose him or kill him so I put him on the table at which he got lazy again and sat there for another 20 min so I drew a picture of him on he was a wonderful pet and then he started to move around more and then I put him in my Finding Nemo pencil case to live and I talked to him. Then I put dirt and grass and a wet paper towel in there for him to have a habitat and oh he was just so wonderful. Then last night I brought him out and we were outside on the table and he was walking around and I was showing him to my mum and talking about him man she must have thought that I had lost it and i noticed that his back legs were all gimped out which made me very sad and before the other night when we first met that might have been the reason why he was so lazy. So then not to long after that I looked at him again and he went belly up and was dead and I was very very very very sad. Now I only have the memories we shared and the picture I drew of him and the pictures I took of him while he was living but they are not too good so I hope they look better on the computer. Oh and I still have the body but I don't know what to do with it. RIP Beetle Juice.

Oh and then yesterday when my brother (Grant) came into the house after his bike ride he had this mega ass huge mother bug on his neck and I first thought that it was a zipper pull on his biking shirt it was so large but it was a bug so I was all like GRANT there be a bug on your neck and then he was like GAHHHHHH get it off and he smacked it off and like ran off and me being the person that I am ran after it with a jar and captured it and then put pantie hoes over the covering so the bug could breath. It was the most craziest bug ever if you know what it is do tell, so it looked like this it looked like a bee like it had black and yellow stripes but it was really really skinny and like an inch long or more it was huge maybe an inch .5 any ways and it had giant wings and some long stinger thing that was sticking out like a cm. I also took pictures of it but again I don't know how well it will turn out. I also let it go free.