Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday February 12 2010.

To my dearest devoted readers;
I am sorry that I have not written anything on this blog in a while but I forgot about it and also about had nothing to say. Although now I shall come up with something to say that will hopfuly grab your attention and want to read more or want me to write more.
Anyways this is my first blog of 2010 and I am turning 20 years of age tomorrow although my party is tonight and it is going to be off the chain. I bought a 3 leater jug of red wine although i will not be drinking all of it I shall be consuming a large amount of it and it shall be grand. But I shall write more about that once it happens so that I will not have to prodicet the future and it happen to be wrong although I am pretty sure that it will be off the fucking chain.
So yeah I am just coming up with what I am saying as we go along and I am at school now and really hyper on coffee it is scary. I am also LOUD!
Anyways today shall be my last day of teenage hood so I am going to now write a list of what i have done since I turned 13.

- Had a crazy grade 8 teacher named Mr. Eisenbach although it was an excellent class of people and amazment we did no work and although it was a blast we learned nothing. Mr.E afterwards left the school never to be seen again.
- Was obessed with Ty Pennington
- Went skiing with the school hung out with Tyler, Gloria, and Jenna while skiing. XXX porn star was hella fun to do on the ski lift.
- Played basket ball and lost every game except for one at which we tied.
- Baby Sat Olivia
- Graduated Tecumseh and had a movie themed Graduation my dad made my dress I did my hair and I danced with Tyler. We then went to the Wortly Road House for an after party which now that I think of it was weird since it was a bar but we were in the Wortly Road House Room which I guess is fun but on the sign it says having an affair book the Wortly Road House room which does not make any sence since it is a large room in the front of the bar with windows along the side. Everyone signed year books, gave back massagues, and Julien Gardener White sang marochi music to me.
- Went to South Secondary School
- Was the only girl in my tech program
- Had fun and made new friends
- Saw Bill Cosby Live
(Now I am just going to say the good stuff and not talk about every detail and it might not be in order)
- Went to a shit ton of concerts
- Got a myspace
- Went to France
- Saw Bob Dyle Live
- Droped Ty Pennington and moved on to an obsession with Ellen Degeneres
- Had a baby named Marzipan-Ellen ( she was a robot and I loved her)
- Scared Abeer in the drive in
- Met Kat Von D
- Did that CSLC confrince.
- Met Sum 41
- Saw Sebastien Granger on the street of toronto
- Saw The Kids In The Hall Live met the Kids In The Hall (Bruce rubbed my head)
- Never got my licence
- Got Facebook
- Got to have an interview with a dectective about a kid that was threting to shoot up the school
- Desided to become Straight Edge ( pretty sure it was before this point)
- Watched Hot Fuzz
- Droped Ellen Degeneres and moved on to an obsession with Simon Pegg
- Went to Prom even though I did not want sucked the theme was The Beatles which I guess was cool, then afterwards I went home by myself and went on Facebook.
- Graduated High School
- Moved Out
- Came to Sheridan
- Got a job
- Met the coolest cats ever
- Desided I was not going to be stright edge
- Got Drunk
- Smoked Dope
-Discovered Amazing Movies
- Got a girl friend named Sylvia Von Harden
- Went more mental
- Got drunk off of one beer on my 19th birthday party.
- Got a Tattoo
- Partied Hard
- Had first Kiss
- Met more cool cats
- Did not get IDed twice at the LCBO although I was of age still.
- Went to Wonderfalls
- Discovered my social skillz
- and more stuff that is not as important but still is cool becuase it was me Sarah Rebecca Davies. Now I am going to be twenty years of age.
If you can think of anything more then due tell and I shall add more I am sure.
Anyways there we go hope you enjoyed my teenaged life. I know I did not. or did depending on what part is it.