Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dear Jessica.

Well I disided to call this blog Dear Jessica, becasue we have come to a conclustion that she is the only one who reads my blogs but it is open for all if you happen to stuble apoun my bloging. So it pretty much has been a month since I last posted and I need to write another one right now. Wow I am A.D.D I just forgot I was in the middle of writing this. Ok so I got into college which is pretty sweet but I don't wanta talk about that right now so I wont. OK so lets talk about what I did yesterday July 20th. me and Grant. and Ross and Reise went bowling which is funny because 2 years or 3 years ago I think it was 3 years ago shit time goes by fast, me Jenna and Kim and Patrisha went Bowling with Pitman for his birthday which happens to be on July 20th. That happened to just be a mistake and not on purpose that we went on July 20th. So that was fun but the best part about going bowling was that after we went to DQ and I found my future husband there (yes you thought that I was going to say becuase of the ice cream but you guessed wrong...and when I say 'you' I am not talking to Jessica I am talking to who ever is happening to read this which is probley just Jessica) so yes I found my dream man but I will never ever ever see him again which makes me very very very sad. So now you (whom ever is reading this...jessica) is probley like what does this mystery man look like whom you (sarah) will be marring in the near future? if you are able to magicaly stock him down and force him to marry you. Well I will tell you what he looks like. So he was at DQ with another man and a pregnant chick but I think that the pregnant chick belonged to the other man that is not my future husband (wow I really hope that he does not find this on this website or else it would be mighty creepy and he would know that I am talking about him since I have put down the date, location, people he was with and his discription, the only thing that I don't know about him is his name, age, relationship status which is probley single intull i find you Sarah, address, phone number, email, if his parents are still living, if he has any sibalings, what kind of movies he likes, if he smokes and or drinks, if he is about to have an affair with Sarah Dee, what car he drives, if he has tattoos, what he does for a living, if he likes long walks on the beach, if he likes Kids In The Hall, if he has a s.t.i, I know s.t.d sounds better but technocly it is a s.t.i so I shall use that, etc. ) So this is what he looked like oh how love sick I am and how crushed I am that I will never see him again. Ok so man who probley was named Michael becasue ever man is named Michael or David or Mark, or Bruce, or Kevin, or Scott. Ok well I pretty much just named the Kids In The Hall exspet for Micheal, there is no kid named Michael in the kids but it was produced by Lauren Michales. Anyways I do hope his name is Scott though because that happens to be my favourite name. So I shall call him Scotty for now on. So Scotty had wonderful beautiful brown hair which was probley around my shade and it was in a man cut and his front part went in the air but was not all grossly geled but just put up as if some one like me were to laugh and then stroke my fingers up threw his hair and have it stay. (oh yes the hair-do that tells everyone that you were just with a girl it might even be more effective then a hicky which happens to be an old fase or at least that is what I have come to think...please inform me if i am wrong...Jessica and or anyone else who might be reading this, although I was resently accused of having one since I was wearing a scarf in side which happened to be my sum 41 scarf so I thought that I would be off the hook but appently I was not but in my defence I did not have a hicky I was just trying to be as cool as Sam Adams. Wow my music just scared me soo much I did some kinda ripple body shake motion it was quite strange.) So yes where was I oh yes talking about Scotty, and then he had a wonderful full beard covering that face of his which I love but I don't know if all woman like the beard but I LOVE it!!!!! (You can also imform me on that, who ever is reading this...Jessica) So yea it was a nice full beard but it was not a long beard which is good becuase that is not 100% good but it depends on the person who is waring the long beard like Chris Steele (Y) long beard good! So yea Scotty's was nicely groomed but full and he had the stash also. When I say full beard or George Pettit. I am talkign about a full beard and not a small stragley one like Eric Gotts (Tyron Leitso)Where you an still see the skin threw although I also love that too but not on every guy. So Scotty had the hair the beard and what made the man was the wonderful, crazy, insance, beautiful, deep, amazing DEEP BLUE EYES that were deep and yet bold and wonderful just poking out of his hairy face and head. FUCK he was hot!!! So he also was wearing a green and white striped rugby shirt (wonderful!) and I think tha the was wearing shorts but I cannot remember. So anyways i was down at the counter and he was there at the counter and I think I was beside him or just one person away from him because my brother's snot nose friends were probley in the way but if I remember correctly I was pretty close. So yea then Scotty was all fighting with his friend becuase he wanted to pay even though the baby's daddy already gave his PC credit card to the till worker who also happened to be good looking but he was a boy and I am attracted to men. So then Scotty was all trying to hand money to the clurk and all was like take my money the woman is pregent which did not make much sence but oh well and then he had his money all over the counter pushing the Baby's Daddy out of the way and then Scotty was like to the clurk look into my eyes (for some reason) but then I was like gladly (although I did not say that out loud or else that would have been really weird or could have broken the ice) But in the end the clurk took the credit card from the Baby's daddy. So yea then we sat down and Scotty and the baby's daddy and the prego woman were going out side and then I saw them sit down and then I was all like hey guys lets go out side and eat it is such a beautiful night (cough beautiful man out) so they were all like yea lets so we went out side and we said there and looked at Scotty and then there was this cute little child who was waving to us and saying hi. So then after we went and ran in the feild (Me and Grant and the other two) and then when I looked after Scotty was gone and I was crushed!!!!!!!!
That is my story hope you liked it.
Bowling ID.
Sarah = Spit Roast
Grant = Hot Steve
Ross = Dawn Weiner
Reese (sp wrong) = Hinez it up

George Pettit (Groomed-ish Beard)
Eric Gotts (Tyron Leitso) Stragley BeardChris Steele (Over grown beard)