Saturday, October 18, 2008



I don't know what i am qriting

so tright notw it is 1:354 amm and i dont know hwath i am awritning right now but ia m not high i am olnly ssdrucnkkkk bbyutjjjjas ans yaou ffffcan seek i am om on fuck what is that work d something or other tod rive so it is good that i do not have a licecccnce but i guess that this blgo saysthat i am no longer stright ehdobge so that is fine with me because i am ghaveing a good old time with what i am qiteing write now but i put bottle caps on the cleing and i lv0e elvibve here writing now. thanks for reading this blgo bebcausee it is so important that you know what I am doing awaing ain collgeg e becuase it is so fun but i have to go to work at 9 in th emonring to make bominey innnnnn otrdrer to live like i do but so aafrear i ahave only beem a mootcher and mothcherede ovf alchole hafr=ve frotherm other personal and not havebont none but i am unablet obe acuase i am under hage and yea but other people are good enoght dto get me some :D my spellingi s so bad writeing now the comeputer willn ot even fix itno morn tatata for nowthanks fror iof reading my eyes are now clsoed and i am alone aiwhth hyekj OH SITH ITHOUGHT I LOST BY MBLOG

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

<3 Commercail.

Can this commercial be any better?

Adam Savage <3

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A new blog

Hello my dear wonderful readers that spend there much needed time reading what I have wrote about my life or just the random stuff that comes in my head while I am writing these blogs that I have written which is what I am doing this moment and when you are reading this I will be no longer doing it at this moment because it will already be done and published, the only way that you can be reading this right now while I am writing this is if you are standing behind my shoulder and just happen to be reading what I am typing with I hope that you are not doing at the moment because I am singing and dancing at the moment to Northern State. Also I am unable to see you at the moment if you are reading this at the time so I am going to assume that while I am writing this no one is behind me reading what I am writing at the moment. But you will be reading it right now but in the future!!
So enough with the intro and on to the blogging, so today I am going off to London Ontario Canada, to go visit the people at school who could care less what I am actually doing with my life. Wow that just reminded me of Wonderfalls and I just heard Regina’s (I think that that is her name) voice in my head and now that whole episode is playing in my head. Although that was the almost 5 year reunion of their high school and not 3 month and some bit reunion, but I hope that it all goes well and I will not hear any talking animals that are not supposed to be talking. Then I am back to Oakville tomorrow to go to work and then I am back to London on Sunday for Thanksgiving and then back Monday night for school the next day. Although I am quite happy that I am going back because then I can do homework that I will not be able to do if I was at my parents’ house. >_< that feels very weird. So yes I am just going to hand in my assignment to English class and then I am going to say see yea later I am out of here and then I am going to stroll down to the local train station that is down the street because there is only one road in Oakville, OHH there is a Talco Bell by the train station ( I might just have to drop in there) so yea then I will hop on the train and go home to London and then walk down to my parents’ house (which is going to be very strange) and then on the way back to Oakville tomorrow I am going to walk with Sahar to the train station and I am taking 1st class back, I know I am very fancy and I get a lunch on that train ride, oh how I am hooked up well. Riffraff on the way to London and first class on the way to Oakville, that is how is roll. No the only reason why I am taking 1st class is because I have to be back for work and the only riffraff trains that were not full was at the night and I needed to be back early for work so I have to take 1st class.

That is about it so I shall talk to you later by blogings,

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Sarah Dee.