Friday, June 19, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Dearest fellow devoted readers that don't do anything else but read my blogs and bow down to me as a leader;

I know I have not written anything lately but tonight is the night that breaks that flow o' lack o' no blogage. My fingers shall rain over the computer keys in such a fashion that words will be the out come and if Sarah and her mighty padded finger tips are skilled enough will make puddles of words that make seance together and will create a large water hole your eyes and brain can quench themselves upon. Any ways enough with the intro and onto the body the slender fair porcelain page as which will get branded upon each time a key is touched which could make this rain that my fingers are creating something that can rain down and brand objects with. Anyways I am now going to post a list of my New Years Resolutions okay well some may say that New Years Resolutions should be committed to at the begging of the year like on New Years Eve but what if you don't know what you want to change about yourself or about your life what if at the moment it is not a problem and then it grows as the year goes on or just becomes a problem that you want to change as the year goes on or maybe you just realize that all this time you had a problem and you need to change it now but are unable to wait to the new New Years Eve since it is apparent in your life right now. So I never have been one for making New Years Resolutions just another thing to fail at or never really had a need for one I never needed to quite smoking, or cut back on the booze or loose a considerable amount of weight. So why bother with New Years Resolutions although once I did make it and it was from that New Years Eve on I was not going to miss an episode of Ellen even if she was interviewing someone I could care less about or did not even know I still watched Ellen Degeneres on her show. The fact that only watching ellen when someone was on it that I liked did not even cross mind, I did not even know that people only watched ellen when their favorite celebrities were on the show. So anyways I was able to complete this task or at least up till the season was over and I only missed one episode which I did make up since I watched it in the summer when it was on reruns. Anyways so I never was one with New Years Resolutions aside from that case. Until now I am going make a list of Resolutions that I am going to start NOW! From this moment on I shall do what is listed below and succeed.

+ Clean up! From now on I shall clean up after my self and keep a clean house and then I will be the one getting mad at other people about the mess!!!
+Be myself 24/7 I am a pretty talkie mctalkerson and crazy and out going and wild and a good ol' fun person that people think is great and neat and all of that jazz but when I am around people sometimes or at school or whatever I get extremely and don't talk to anyone and am just boring now however I am just going to be myself and if you don't like it then FUCK YOU! Anyways I have been trying to get out of this my whole life or at least my teenage hood and have not been able to do it but I think now, now I am able to do it and I say this all of the time but it is going to happen really really soon, maybe not right away maybe in a couple of months but I shall start now a little bit more here a little bit more there and work up to the ultimate being myself 24/7 because once I am myself around people people actually come to an understanding that I am quite funny and nice and just over all amazing! Although everyone will probably be sick of me although the people that I am myself around still keep holding on I am sure everything will before the greater good.
+minus the laze I am a lazy bastard one lazy mclazington and everyone knows this and I have known this for many a year but now I shall minus the laze from my life style and do unlazy things now this mostlikely will not consist of me working out but I shall get up and out more and enjoy life in a non lazy way. More like a less sofa kind of thing or something like that just not a lazy bones.
+Less Simon Pegg talkage This one is going to be a tough one a really really really really tough one shit son probably worse then giving up smokin' any who it must be done. I found out that me talking about the Nitrogenous P.E.G.G. is a turn off, Simon Pegg is keeping away real men from my life. I don't see why this could be? Maybe if you are a male and have decided to read my blog and have gotten to this question my fingers have rained down you could answer it in a comment I would love to know. I think I was told at a point but I was too drunk to remember. I on the other hand will still talk about Hot Fuzz 24/7 I think that I am aloud to and it should also be a turn on because Hot Fuzz is the shit and does not involve me talking about another man (when I was writing that I kept on trying to write or think about Simon instead of writing Hot Fuzz...see I have a PROBLEM!We shall have to see how this one goes it is going to be hard.
Spendless Money I have been spending way too much money lately and I need to cut back after Tuesday I shall try to I am saying after Tuesday because I have to buy Alexisonfire's new album and The Mars Volta's new album they come out the same day and I am going to be at the store first thing in the morning right when it opens YEAH! Hum what CD shall I listen to first fuck I never thought of that before now, I will have to come up with a plan if you have one tell me if it is not too late. So after Tuesday I shall hopefuly be saving.
Do stuff I plan on doing! Okalay (wow I have not said that word in a hell of a long time) any whoo I always come up with ideas and projects and then I never finish them I start the project if I am lucky but then always put it aside and never get back to it. So I have now started and have worked at it a bit that I will not start any thing new intill i finish the project that I am working on which I hope will be done very soon so I can move onto the next.
Not falling a sleep in movies This one is going to be hard due to the fact of I really don't have any control about me falling asleep so we shall see if I will be able to conquer this resolution.
Meet Anne Frank No that is not one of my New YEars resolutions I just thought of it because in the movie Mermaids Charlotte Flax says that a resolution was like a wish and her's was she wished she met Anne Frank but a resolution is not really a wish I guess it could be but it is more like a promise I would say then a wish but it could be a wish that you have to acomplish to help yourself and push yourself for that wish to come true but it can't be a wish like meeting Anne Frank that is just ridiculous.

Note: I want to name my child Charlotte just so I can say "Why Charlotte I do believe your blushing"

Make up my own decisions Well this one started out as my original resolution which was made up on New Years Jack made it up for me since I was way to undesisive to even make up my own New Years Resolution and he was going to help me out with it. Although I compeltly forgot that that was my resolution so I don't knwo if i actuly rid myself from not being able to make up my mind and just saying it does not matter or you pick or I don't care just like Pierre, I think that I might have stop it because Jack has stopped complaining but I still have no idea I don't think that I have stopped that maybe he just stopped complaining because I am hopeless.

Learn how to Spell/Grammer/ ETC/ Thank you spell check.

Anyways I think that I am done that for now I shall see how well I do starting now and I shall keep the readers informed with my progress in how to change the life o' Sarah Dee. If you think that I should add something else in my list that might be pissing you off or anything also tell me or if you like my ideas or my why's or just anything.

-- Sarah Dee!