Friday, June 20, 2008

Sarah's World

Ok I now know what a horrible speller I am due to the title of my last post which is called "My Fist Blog" instead of my "My First Blog" so I feel really bad and stupid so i thought that I would clear things up before too much damage was done since I don't think that any one has read my blogs yet therefore no one will think that I am not smart because I have now cleared that all up. Ok now onto the important stuff...
At the moment I am sitting here watching Wayne's World 2 CHA! Oh how I love the Wayne so much that I have a picture (that I retreaved from the inner case of the DVD the one with all the chapters listed on it now I am unable to read what chapter I am about to watch but that does not matter becuase I know all of the movie off by heart) any ways I have the picture mounted on my bedroom wall behind glass that is how much I love Wayne and Garth! Right now I am watching number 2 which is on Much Music yes they finnialy put on a good movie! I have to admit that I also love the 2nd on although I do not own it or have not seen it as much as i have seen number 1. That does not really matter though do to number 2 does not have the wonderful Queen car scean but it does have the wonderful YMCA scean. Thanks to growing up with the love of Wayne's World (this was not a new thing that I have jumped on to) I have known my whole life what I am going to do with my life and that is have it just like Wayne but pretty much with out the Cable Access TV Show and The cool slang but I will be like Wayne oh yes I will be like Wayne.

I will like to end this note with a Excellent and a SHAWING!

-Sarah Dee!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My fist blog.

Ok so i finnaly am able to write a blog after 2 hours of trying since this computer is so stupidly slow, I gave up and then went on stardoll and that was a mistake and then I went on to myspace and then that worked out YAY myspace. So I finnaly got onto this blog site and found out that I already had an account on this site :O but did not post any blogs so here we go thank you Miss Jessica Michelle, I have jumped onto the bloging band wagon and we will see how long it is before I tumple off. So now I will quite my explantion and start my blog and say everything that I was going to say but put it in passtence maybe maybe not we shall see how this goes. PS. I like to write...A LOT!

Here I am Sarah Dee writing her first blog while on my (i will now switch to 1st person) laptop and I am feeling a lot like Carrie Bradshaw exsept with less sex and more city, well actully if it was more city I would be saying that London Ontario was bigger and grander than New York which happens to be untrue since London is no where close to New York or would ever be close to size or as cool as New York, if we are lucky all London will be like adventuly would be Toronto but still we are very far away from that. So when I was first going to write this blog, I was watching So You Think You Can Dance?/How to find a husband, while doing my nails, Yes that is ture you read it right, in secreate I am really a girl and not a skum sucking metal head will maybe a bit. After watching So You Think You Can Dance? Which I love but can't dance and watching How To Find A Husband which is also a good show now thanks to Sally's help I will be able to have a husband and children by the age of 30 (like she wanted) and not be a lonesome T.V. personality looking for a husband at the age of 37 tust me she is already screwed she wont be able to have any children at her age, lets just hope that she will marry Andy becuase he already has 2 teenagers. So then after I watched them to shows I watched my fave show Trading Spouses oh yes they are all so CRAZY! I need to go on that show plus the $50,000 is just a bonus the ture experiance is in the meeting the new family and turning into a crazy phyco hose beast and watching all there reactions, I am sure that people would still go on it if they were not going to be paid. $50, 000. So now I am watching my comedy (i had to look at the thing in the corner inorder to spell it I am very bad at that spelling junk as you can probley tell by not paying attention to what I have writen but to all of my mistakes of spelling and grammer, thanks alot.) so at the moment (yes we have cought up to the prestent) watching The Daily Show with John Stewert and now he is talking to Steve Corelle which I do like but at the moment him and John anit funny. So in about 5 min the big guns are going to come on which is The Corber(t) Repor(t) which happens to be very very very very funny and I love him unlike John Stewert who only reseaves a few chuckles out of my head while Steve Corber(t) makes me LAUGH! Well I want to write more but I don't want to write a whole bunch of stuff becasue people will be like "ew long! I am not going to take up 5 min of my time to read what took Sarah Dee half her brain capasity to write and a long time to write up." So if you are still reading this don't ever use that sentence in your life or at least when you are reading my blogs and material. So today was the fisrt day of NO SCHOOL HEYO! But I have an exam on Friday and one on Monday so I can't get to relaxed. (like my dad at the moment who is sleeping and snoring away, now he is missing The Corber(t) Repor(t) his fave show because he fell asleep during The Daily Show oh what have you done to him Jonh Stewert? But I will not wake him since he will wake up in 5 min and then probley fall asleep agian after awaking up for 2 min.) So today on my first day of no school I did not do anything which is not a new thing and I have not gotten dressed yet, and I just watched T.V. today, got to watch Family Fude today HOLLA! Then I finnished watching Rocky Horror Picture Show which came out 33 years ago WA!? Then I realized that Frankin what ever his name is (who i thought was rocky but thought wrong) was played by that one actor who I forget his name for but I think his last name is a herb or garnish of some type that was in the movie Clue and Scary Movie 2 that looks like Richard B (that crazy rich clames that he is a Virgin guy) and then I was like that is crazy because I like him very much in that movie. Then I read a whole lot of the book Prince Caspian which I am almost done and then after I am going to watch the movie. I also begain reading it out load in some axesent which then turned into a Swedish one, which i did not know I was capable of doing. That then was my day it was Wondergreat! they just said that on some comerial that says you will get a 'potentialmagnet' if you try out one of there cars which is probley untrue. Which is sad becuase I want to get one of em. Any ways I am done! Please feel free to leave your comments!

-Sarah Dee