Monday, December 29, 2008

Right when I want to give up with art I find a new artist that inspires me and all I want to do is paint and draw and do art. The inspiration comes from the dark art though I don't know why I am so drawn to it but I think because dark things don't really live in this world. When walking down the street no one sees these dark creatures, but when they are painted and done well, it takes you to a whole different world one that is magical, deep and dark. Now I don't know why everyone is against the dark mysterious things and images that people come up with or are fond of. Everyone just sees a problem that comes with mutation and and "unpretty" things which brings people to be uncomfortable with it and assume that it is ugly and unwanted. Even though many people have a problem with this I do not, I believe that being brought up liking darkness is not a flaw for people rather a pro towards life. People with this way of thinking are able to see every part of something even if they are "ugly" beautiful in separate ways. Rather looking at an image as a whole, it is better to be cut down and look at each piece visually to see true beauty. Okay so now back to the paintings that I adore and why I adore them. So dark paintings with dark images always have drawn me toward them and I have now realized why. It brings you to a whole new world one that creates beauty in a whole new way something different from the regular something wonderful and imaginative, why look at paintings of flowers when you can look at real flowers why look at paintings of buildings when you can look at a real building. So why is looking at paintings of misshapen creatures and humans and objects such a crime when you can't really see them for yourself. Darkness is from the mind and should be looked as a form of art rather then a form of discussed.

My favorite painters:

Otto Dix

Portrait of Journalist Sylvia von Harden
---- This is one of my favourite paintings and I discovered it not too long ago but I grew a loving for it right away. I have to also admit that I have a bit of a crush on this woman or at least her in the painting if she is actually a real person. Now although this painting is not too dark, just look at her she is not "normal" and I love her for that just look at that face when most might think ugly I say she is beautiful! If I could I would be this woman!
Dr. Stadelmann -----This is another painting by Dix and it hangs in the Art Gallery of Ontario located in Toronto and I remember seeing it when I went a few years ago and falling in love with him. Then when I went 2 weeks ago to the AGO I walked around the gallery looking for this painting and right there standing in the door way was Dr. Stadelmann waiting to great people into the next room. Of course I got really excited when he was there and my dad was all like I hate that painting (which superizes me since he is also much up for the strange things) but at that I replied with I love that painting and he is my favourite artist. Although I do find a greater place in my heart for Sylvia but unfortunately she lives in another gallery of which I have to find and visit her.

Mark Ryden

Now I don't know if I have a favourite painting of Ryden's but I do love all of his work, the detail is just so crazy and the imagery is wonderful. I have bought a book of a whole lot of his works and it is fantastic, here are a couple of his paintings. (Not necessarily my favorites) Now not many of these paintings are have dark creatures but there are some transformations of things and lots of blood and grotesque things in this paintings.

Michael Hussar

------Now Hussar is a new artist for me but I love his stuff. One of his paintings was on LA Ink that a person got a tattoo of which was crazy, the detail and darkness and wonder is compacted into these paintings and they are beautiful!!!
This was the painting that was on LA Ink which is just wonderful and the detail is just amazing I have no idea how he does all of them high lights in the tears and lips and eyes it is just CRAZY!!! The tattoo by Cory was also fantastic! My dad how ever loved this piece of artwork but I guess how can you not.
Here is more of his stuff. Again in no order!... actually just go to that link there are too many and it is hard to bring all of the pictures to the bottom ENJOY!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm a man not a disco ball!

Hello well since I have not writen a blog in a long time I thought that I would post one. Although I don't really have anything to say I am going to add my favourite song to this blog. But you know me and once I start writing I am unable to stop the ideas just keep on coming out and 5 seconds after I think that this will be the shortest blog ever and only include a song that I LOVE, it will have a whole story writen. Although I just came up with an idea for another bolg. So yes this is my new favorite song and I listen to it mulitpul times a day and drive my roommates nuts even though it was Jacks fult that I discovered this song because he had it on his pod and I listened to it and now I am addicted it is so great but now they are sick and tired of it becuase i would listen to it over and over again. This has now resulted in when I was changing the song to Goodbye Horses, Jack thought that I was changing it back to my favourite song and started to through paint brushes at me but I assured him that I was not changing it to that song and to another song that could be equaly as good. So I have no idea why this is my favourite song but it gives me a very happy feeling and it makes me wanta dance and it also gives me butterflys in my stomic and I have no idea why. I just also realized that the spelling thing is off and I was very happy becuase I thought that I was spelling this all right but it turns out that it could all long anyways here is my favourite song:

Future is the Future - Electric 6.

If money talks then I’m a mime,
If time is money then I’m out of time
And I was once with a million quid
Have a seat I’ll tell ya what I did

Can’t sit down 'cause I’m a dancer,
And you know that I’m the answer
Die slow die fast now
Cause its never going to last now

We’ll karaoke all night long,
We’ll Macarena till the break of dawn
We’ll drive around until the morning light
All night, all night, all night, all night

Baby, you got to signal before you turn,
I think you’re heading for the disco burn
Cause the future is in the future,
And the past is a big brick wall,
You know I need to make you understand now,
I’m a man not a disco ball

Can’t sit down 'cause I’m a dancer,
And you know that I’m the answer
Die slow die fast now
Cause its never going to last now

We’ll karaoke all night long,
We’ll Macarena till the break of dawn
We’ll drive around until the morning light
All night all night all night all night

We’ll karaoke all night long,
We’ll Macarena till the break of dawn
We’ll drive around until the morning light
All night, all night, all night, all night
All night, all night, all night, all night
All night, all night, all night, all night
All night, all night, all night, all night
All night, all night, all night, all night

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Restaurant Make Over.

So as many of you might know there is this show out on the Food Network and on HGTV called Restaurant Make Over. I would explain it but I know that my only reader already knows what this show is about so I shall just skip over the explanation and get to the amazing part.

Well the other week when I randomly desided to go to Toronto with my friend (yes having random unexpected trips to Toronto after school can happen where I live) so we went and went to Kensington Market and while we were there we were trying to find a Bloorer St. to do an favour for a friend and also go to my favourite store. So while we were stubleing along singing and making strange nosies due to the cold which was all ok because we are in toronoto and nothing is ever strange there we realized that it was late and we had no had a bite to eat. Not much after that what might happen but we stumbed apon a little corner restaurant. At this point in time I started to Hoot and Holla about a restaurant that happened to be on Restaurant Make Over that was cheap enough to purchace a meal at. This happened to be Massismo's Pizza and Pasta, so I got really exsited and made my friend and me eat there. Now If I can recal right this episode had Massismo the chef working on it which was not his restaurant but a totally other Massismo's and he was like we got to do this restaurant right so that people will not think that this dump is mine, and I belive that Maradith was the designer but I am unable to remember. So when we went in I was all exsited and felt all of the surfaces and said that Egore did all of this and wat not so here are the pictures!!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008



I don't know what i am qriting

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

<3 Commercail.

Can this commercial be any better?

Adam Savage <3

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A new blog

Hello my dear wonderful readers that spend there much needed time reading what I have wrote about my life or just the random stuff that comes in my head while I am writing these blogs that I have written which is what I am doing this moment and when you are reading this I will be no longer doing it at this moment because it will already be done and published, the only way that you can be reading this right now while I am writing this is if you are standing behind my shoulder and just happen to be reading what I am typing with I hope that you are not doing at the moment because I am singing and dancing at the moment to Northern State. Also I am unable to see you at the moment if you are reading this at the time so I am going to assume that while I am writing this no one is behind me reading what I am writing at the moment. But you will be reading it right now but in the future!!
So enough with the intro and on to the blogging, so today I am going off to London Ontario Canada, to go visit the people at school who could care less what I am actually doing with my life. Wow that just reminded me of Wonderfalls and I just heard Regina’s (I think that that is her name) voice in my head and now that whole episode is playing in my head. Although that was the almost 5 year reunion of their high school and not 3 month and some bit reunion, but I hope that it all goes well and I will not hear any talking animals that are not supposed to be talking. Then I am back to Oakville tomorrow to go to work and then I am back to London on Sunday for Thanksgiving and then back Monday night for school the next day. Although I am quite happy that I am going back because then I can do homework that I will not be able to do if I was at my parents’ house. >_< that feels very weird. So yes I am just going to hand in my assignment to English class and then I am going to say see yea later I am out of here and then I am going to stroll down to the local train station that is down the street because there is only one road in Oakville, OHH there is a Talco Bell by the train station ( I might just have to drop in there) so yea then I will hop on the train and go home to London and then walk down to my parents’ house (which is going to be very strange) and then on the way back to Oakville tomorrow I am going to walk with Sahar to the train station and I am taking 1st class back, I know I am very fancy and I get a lunch on that train ride, oh how I am hooked up well. Riffraff on the way to London and first class on the way to Oakville, that is how is roll. No the only reason why I am taking 1st class is because I have to be back for work and the only riffraff trains that were not full was at the night and I needed to be back early for work so I have to take 1st class.

That is about it so I shall talk to you later by blogings,

My my you just read a blog by;
Sarah Dee.

Monday, September 29, 2008

My New Life.

Blog Blog blog Blah Blah Blah

To my devoted readers, although I might not have posted any blogs lately it is not that I have not forgotten about you but that I needed to build up enough excitement and events to write about. This is my first official blog that I have written since I have left London Ontario and moved off to far and distant lands called Oakville. The only other connection that I have had to the outside world that you have heard about was the last blog that I wrote which was more or less lack of writing and more pictures, but if a picture is worth a 1000 words I guess I just did a heck of a lot of writing with out evening knowing it.

So I pretty much have been here for 4 weeks man it seems like a hell of a lot longer then it has been but in this short of time so much has happened. Pretty much the biggest thing that has happened in my life that actually has had an impact on me has happened. Gah this computer is going so God Damn slow!!! Anyways I have grown up from a 9 year old into a 18 year old or maybe even older since not all 18 year olds are living with out parents, in a different city from everyone they know, going to college, and having to pay for there own rent and food. In many ways I am very lucky to be on this journey and I am taking advantage of all that is going to happen in my up coming year.

Many people have a list of things that they want to accomplish in there life but however at the moment my list is things that I have now accomplished in my life. This is what I came across when I was looking at my Covey Diary and realized that I have done things that was on my list of things that I wanted to do and now I have a list of things that I have done, here is the list.

· Moved out of parents house – Yes this was a mighty big shocker many people were unaware that I had this ability in my being to be able to get off the sofa and move out of the place that I spent 95% of my time, and to all who thought that I would just spend my days inside living in my parents basement living in the now and hosting my own cable access television show (or just spend all of my time in front of the television) were WRONG!!!! Look at me now 1.5 hours (or more if I am lucky) a way from my Parents!

· Got away from London – This was the biggest thing that I was striving for as soon as I left the womb, I needed to get away from LondonOntarioCanada! And in one fellow swoop I was able to do both leave LondonOntarioCanada and move out of my parents’ house. Oh how I don’t miss you LondonOntarioCanada, some people say that Oakville is worse then London because there is not much to do but I do assure you that it is better then LondonOntairoCanada and even if it is not, I still managed to leave and that what I was aiming for.

Ok so that might be it but then again it is something and it is also something very big! This isn’t no little things that someone would like to accomplish in there lifetime like end world hunger this is a huge thing that can happen, makes your life move on and at once when there was lack of motivation and do to that brought on ‘laziness” to a wonderful life of motivation and happiness and lack of “laziness” then all of your wildest dreams have come true.

This however is the life list that I wrote down in my Covey Journal, that I would like to and will accomplish in my life time. (In no order and if something else has been done I shall say so but I did not include it above because it was not accomplished in Oakville.

* Flip A House

* Travel (have been to France)

* Helped People (Have already in manyways)

* Have a Career

* Have A Family

* Move Out (COMPELT)

* Become Famous

* Meet a Celebrity (have met: Deryck, Stevo, Cone (Sum 41), Die Mannequin, Social Code, Bruce McCullulah, David Foley, Scottie T, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney and Kat Von D

* Get drunk with Mister Lahee.

* Leave LondonOntarioCanada (Hells Yeah!)

* Go on a tour of The USandA

Plus More

The next list that I want to add is all of the firsts that I have had in my new life in Oakville.

* Going to College

* Partying

* Cooking

* Job

* Being able to live with out television and little interweb

* I forget the rest.

Over all I think that is it that I want to write about but I assure you that there will

be more to write once I remember more and get past information and when I am not crazy tired and listening to Spirited away music and drifting off to sleep.

Miss talking to you all and I hope to hear from you and see you again some time soon.

Sarah Dee!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Roommates!!!

The blog that everyone (Jessica) has been waiting for! A blog about fun and a blog with pictures. So this is my blog about me and my roommate, and it is going to be pretty good. This was a very fun night (like every night) and these are the people that make my life wonderful at this moment.

Jack, Shaela, and of corse Sarah!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Stardoll Design!

So anyways I have not wroten a blog for awhile so I shall do one now, the stardoll one that I was talking about before. Just felt like a little update before I leave and when I do I will be posting a lot of stuff on all of the great things or bad things that happen to me on my adventures on my own, even if I am unable to have internet I shall write down what does happen and when I get ahold of that sweet technogly I shall trasphure it all into good ol' My My Here Comes Sarah Dee blogspot.

Now on to the good stuff.
So on stardoll they have this thing where you can make your own designs and put them on to shirts, dresses, pants etc. This however when it first came out was open to everyone and then after a while it only went to the paying members (which I am not) so then *Just a second I just remembered that I was actuly writing a real blog a few days ago like a real blog about real feelings and issues that have something to do with life, anyways I will get on to my random none important stuff that I am writing about right now and maybe go further with my other blog since I have don't finnished it yet.* So anywho when it was first open to everyone I made a shirt and a dress and purchaced it and only made it a patteren but then after it was only for the paying members the whole shirt thing exploded and someone found out that you can arange all the givin shapes to make it resemble charators and symbols and anything that you wanted it to be looking like and then also make it big so that one would take up the whole shirt. So ever since I saw that I was like man I need to become a member, but wait a whole lot of time after words like months they brought it back to the public and then I got all exsited and made designs and bought them on things for my doll for about a week and then it fell short and the exsitement wore off and now I don't do it any more but besides that I have made these to show you. :D

These are the shapes that they give you to use.

These are what I made out of the shapes