Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Why hello there my friend who is reading this instead of doing something that is important in life, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to be reading what is called a blog by the one and only my my here come Sarah Dee. So I got another follower today someone who will follow my blog and adventuly read what I am writing down or that is what I hope will happen. A funny thing is that I do actully just write these for my own fun but I do attend people to read them but only special people are greatful enough to be told which make them worthy of reading what I have to say to read what is on Sarah Davies' mind and have there own knowlage drasticly grow and the new comer to this hand full of lucky resepiants that are able to know and read these blogs is Amber Cosman/Mcmann (the spelling might be way off on both of thoughs but she knows who I am talking about which is the main point) anyways My My Here Comes Amber coming to read My My Here Comes Sarah Dee.

So Welcome my devoted readers it is 3:30 am and I have nothing better to do then sit alone in my kitchen and write a blog I don't know what I am going to be saying since a good chunk of it is make up as I go actuly it all is but besides that the title is called Up dates from my last blog therefore after or during all of this rubbish and random shit that I am writing now I will adventuly talk about my last blog to up date you with my progress of my resalutions that are not quite new years rather then half years. So my fingers on my left hand are hurting mighty largely do to too much playing of the guitar which means I have been practicing because practice (holy shit I spelt thoughs both right on the first try) means perfect but now buddy is perfect so why practice now that is a quote from Billy Jo Armstrong who is the front man of the band Green Day now I have to say something about that which is maybe you have to restate that statement Mister Jo because have you listened to Green Day lately. Not too fond of that band at the moment but in the past they were mighty good. So yeah been working on the guitar memerising shit and getting hurting fingers Life IS GOOD! Anyways sleeping seems fun right now I don't know why I desided to write this instead of going to sleep it seemed like a good idea at the time although that happens with a lot of ideas of mine and then it turns out not so good. Okay so since I am tired I am going to cut the random rant short and get onto the big guns or just what this blog should be about.

Clean Up! Okay well that just kind of started to day I did the dishes and when ever I do do the dishes I am always like I am going to keep this up and not wait for it to pile up turns out I was wrong and that has not happened yet but now now is the time that I will do my dishes right away!!!!!!! Starting now!!!!!!! The Dishes are done dude!

Be Myself 24/7 So I kind have worked on this a bit more I am stil not BLAH Sarah look at me I am crazy but I have been more social and less shy I met a random person and started talking to them well after they approched me but still I talked and had a good old time and now I think I can call us friends, and at work I am a lot more talkative to the other employees then I have been hopefuly it radiates out to everyone and I no longer will be shy or anything like that :D

Also nothing of the other statements I have said I have really done I shall write something about them once I do get going on them more! I am going to cut this short since I just got hella tired and I am going to go to BED!!!!

Good night
(blog you later)
sarah Dee. ~!