Thursday, November 6, 2008

Restaurant Make Over.

So as many of you might know there is this show out on the Food Network and on HGTV called Restaurant Make Over. I would explain it but I know that my only reader already knows what this show is about so I shall just skip over the explanation and get to the amazing part.

Well the other week when I randomly desided to go to Toronto with my friend (yes having random unexpected trips to Toronto after school can happen where I live) so we went and went to Kensington Market and while we were there we were trying to find a Bloorer St. to do an favour for a friend and also go to my favourite store. So while we were stubleing along singing and making strange nosies due to the cold which was all ok because we are in toronoto and nothing is ever strange there we realized that it was late and we had no had a bite to eat. Not much after that what might happen but we stumbed apon a little corner restaurant. At this point in time I started to Hoot and Holla about a restaurant that happened to be on Restaurant Make Over that was cheap enough to purchace a meal at. This happened to be Massismo's Pizza and Pasta, so I got really exsited and made my friend and me eat there. Now If I can recal right this episode had Massismo the chef working on it which was not his restaurant but a totally other Massismo's and he was like we got to do this restaurant right so that people will not think that this dump is mine, and I belive that Maradith was the designer but I am unable to remember. So when we went in I was all exsited and felt all of the surfaces and said that Egore did all of this and wat not so here are the pictures!!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008