Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A random blog from like a week and a half ago before I posted it online.

Dear fellow blog readers which include Jessica, Trinh, and Leah Millher. (and who ever else must be reading this)

Today and by today I mean tonight at 12:33 AM so I guess by tonight I mean this morning, I have disided to write a blog about what ever may happen to come across my mind and travels through my body rappidly fast and out my fingertips which press the keys and then the keys send my thoughts that I came up with from my mind and on to the computer screan which is now what you are reading at this very moment well when I am writing this, you are not reading it but you will be reading it when you are reading it which then means you are reading it right now, but is in the future from when I am write my bolg which I hope you are reading. But you are because if you know what I am talking about right now (or in the past) you will have to be reading this to know I hope that you are reading it. I think that I have wrote something like that before because it seems to have come across my mind before which leads me to remember me writing it down and explaning what is going on in the future and in the past. If I have wrote it before then I send you my appoglies of me telling you things that you already know, then again that could have just been one big dajaview and this right now in the past for you that is reading this right now in the future might be new for you or just from the past past again and now you know dubble.

Now on to the real introduction opposed to the other intorduction which you just read. Humm blog blog blog what shall I write about? Maybe one day you the reader can tell me what I should write about and then I can make up a story or just tell you the views that I have for your question or just write abunch of random crap that just pops in to my mind and making there way onto the screan before I can think if that was a bad thing or not, or just before I realize that I am just writing a bunch of random shit that does anyone care about? Probably not since no one wants to list to Sarah's views on things but people still have time in there lives to read what someone has to say even though they know that they are 100% not wanting to hear someones oppion and then just tell them that they have writen abunch of hugey and then insult the writer. So yes less on the rampaging and more onto subject matter.

Okay!!! So I have went into every corner of the brain that lives inside my head, the pet that has disided to inhabatate my skull and call it his home. Yes I just disided that my brian is a male. I do not know why because I am a female but could your brian be of a different gender then who you are with out being gay? or are you what your brain is? I always saw my brian as a man not that I think like a man or have actions like a man or the desires like a man or anything that has to do with brians and men but if I could imagain how my brain talks it would have a think deep voice, but then again it could be some wonderful lady with a dark raspy voice, but I am not sure maybe this is foreveryone and then priture there brains being a gender for both brain sides or maybe no one in there life has thought these thoughts of wearther a brain can have a gender. Anyways so what was I getting at oh yes so there was this movie that we rented and watched last night (with Jack) and it was called Tideland. Man this movie was CRAZY it is wonderful and full of imaganation. Anyways I think that everyone should watch this movie although it might really freak some people OUT! Do to how crazy it is and the dark and twisted images and ideas that are fromed in this movie. GO RENT IT!

Falling asleep Falling asleep I am falling asleep.

Anyways that was my blog there were three subjects all of which were introductions and a bunch of mishmass was said and I am sorry if it does not make any sence since I am not going to be going over what I have writen but yea, if after you are done reading this and something besides how crazy and usless I am has sunck in, actuly now that I think of it I did not write anything that is revelent to grow your knowlage but me just mashing buttons and having words appear on the screan which might make sence which means that my fingers mashing buttons have succecced and I am better then I thogught I was but if you come out of here with nothing then I am happy that you still took the time to read this blog.

NOTE: if this blog blog blog is full of spelling mistakes then I am sorry I am areally tired at the moment and I am writing this out first in word pad which means that I do not have spell check and you are reading this because i finnally got it up and, since my spelling is most likely all wrong it might actuly look like I was just mashing buttons and am not trying to put out all my thoughts so I can read it. I am also writing it in word pad because I was too lazy to open up word and also becuase my internet is not working while I am writing this but is most likely going to be working when you are readin this since you will be reading it off the interweb!!!

Also Leah Millher I do have a job and although it is not as cool as your job I work in a pretty cool art store, and go to college and although I have no idea what I will be doing with my life while I am going to college it does not matter because what ever people do in college is never really what they do once they have graduated. Since they change there minds and then they are all like ops i should not have gone to college at such a young age.

GOod night/morning/evening/afternoon or when ever you are reading this blog. I must say goodbye now.
(Blog You Later)

Sarah Dee :D

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Anonymous said...

wow, that was hard to follow haha.
so I guess I could tell you this on facebook, but I wanna leave a comment but I just finished reading this book that I thought you might enjoy.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, is the title of the book, but I forget how to spell the author's name. It just kinda reminded me of you because it has the Rocky Horror Picture show in the novel!!!