Monday, January 5, 2009


Well I have found a new website out thanks to Megan at work, this has to be the coolest site ever which is entitled, now this site is pretty cool at which it is kinda like ebay but only for books but bidding is unneeded and nor is a credit card, pay pal or any money. "What?!" you might be saying at the moment I can reserve free books off the interweb. Yes that is mighty ture Jessica Michelle (since I am sure you are the only real person reading this and ever to read this) You can get books off the interweb for pretty much free. See how this works is that you have to be able to give up your old books that you no longer want anymore because they are old, you are never going to read them again, they are just collecting dust, or just because they are god dang awful and you want them to fall into some other person's sole. Inorder to receive books you must get points and by getting points you have to post books which will get you a 1oth of a point for everybook you post and if someone mooches a book off of you then you get a full point at which you can mooch a book off of someone else. Now when the mooching takes place it is pretty cool because you don't have to pay anything not even shipping, just the person who is sending off the book has to pay but that is fine because then they will get another book with there point. Also the best part is you don't have to give the book back to the person who is sending it once it is yours it is yours and you can either keep it or post it back up on the site or do what ever. This is pretty cool because it is like an online library and if you do like the book you don't have to bring it back and there are no late fees. Also it works for buying books becuase if there is a book that looks interesting but you are not sure you want to buy it you can always just mooch it and then if it is liked you can go out and buy the next book or another by the author.

Anyways this website does work because Megan has used it and has gotten books from it.

I will be using this site although I do not have much books to give away but I am going to be giving away Angel Riots because it was on MTV and it sounded like a really good book so I got my dad to go buy it for me and then I did not like it much at all, so I think that I am going to try to re read the book and if it is still unliked I shall send it off on it's way. Then save up my point to get a Girl Like Sugar or another book that I have not read yet, because A Girl Like Sugar is something that I would like to keep which would mean I will not have another book to ship off and I will have to find another book to hopfuly send off, to receive another one.

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jessicaMichelle said...

i think that could be a really cool idea if people actually followed the rules and sent books...bc is there a guarentee?
neat's funny how i get my own specific mention as blog reader, WOO WOO!
i haven't updated mine in so long, i will...soon as i get some inspiration's been a crummy winter...
let me know when you try it out, send me facebook or msn or something as i'm curious to hear if it works..