Monday, September 7, 2009

My letter to S.Pegg from North Bay

Okay so I am supposed to be cleaning my room right now but instead I am going to procrationate and write out the letter that I have writen to a random person in North Bay so I then can send it off because I wrote it in July and still have not done so. Okay so here we go, I have desided to write a letter to a random person with the last name Pegg and the first name starting with a S. I shall be sending it snail mail and this is what it reads.

Hello S. Pegg from North Bay,
Are you related to the man himself or in mater of fact sharing both his first name and last name and related to him and by him I mean Simon Pegg that British funny man from Hot Fuzz and Shaun of The Dead. I love that man and Hot Fuzz I have a Hot Fuzz tattoo it is pretty amazing! You know that part where Martin Blower gets pulled over for speeding because he is playing the lead role in a tribute to Shakespears Romeo and Juliette and is late for the dress rehearsel and then Nicholas Angel (simon Pegg) asks him althoughs question and wirtes down all what he is saying and then Martin Blower who is clearly having an afair with Eve Draper (but that is not revealed tull later...although it is not really reveald but assumed becasue after 3 hours of so called acting the kiss was the only thing convincing thing) Any who! After that Angel and Butterman go back in the fuzz car and Angel is like you should use your notebook (her says a lot more but that is pretty much the jist of things) Danny Butterman is like I do use it and shows a really cool flip book of a British Fuzz shooting a robber. Anyways I have a tattoo fo a frame of that tattooed on my body and it says hot fuzz under it yeah I love that movie! Not only do I love Hot Fuzz I love simon pegg and I also love the good ol' television show Kids In The Hall they are the best guys to come out of comdey they are pretty funny and by pretty funny I mean hilelous! S Pegg you must love the comdey since your last name is Pegg. Since your last name is pegg does this happen a lot to ou. mister, or misssiss, or miss or ms Pegg? whos first name stats with a S just like Simon.

thanks for your time
hope to hear back from you!
Fran Dee
Ps. My address is on the envalope if you do wish to write back to me.

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